After more than 62 years (this is not an exaggeration), L&M Electronics Service Company closed for good at 12 noon on June 15, 2017 .

A special thanks to all our loyal customers throughout the years.

Thank you!
Wolfgang and Pierre

What We Use to Do

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, servicing San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, San Jose and the entire peninsula, we service and repair high end audio gear and some video. L and M Electronics is an authorized service center for McIntosh, Bang & Olufsen, Yamaha and Tascam. We also repair many other brands including tube gear. Some of our favorite are Pioneer, Marantz, Dual, Denon, Fisher, Kenwood, Rotel, Thorens, Technics, Nad. We also reedge and recone speakers. Due to our years of doing business, we are able to repair Teac and Revox reel-to-reel units.

Professional Gear We Worked On Before We Closed For Good

We service and repair Crate, Marshall, B&K, Fender and Yamaha. We repair amplifiers, surround sound receivers, turntables, reel-to-reel tape recorders, cassette decks, CD players, DVD players and tuners.

Costs We Use to Charge

For units that are not under warranty, we require $75.00 non-refundable minimum charge and $100.00 for Reel to Reel recorders. This minimum charge will then be applied to the cost of the repair when you approve our estimate.